What’s a Structural Abnormality?

Structural Abnormality

Engineers and Architects understand this concept very well.

If the foundation is unstable, what do we expect everything above it to do?
If one of the floors in a building is unstable and unbalanced, what do we expect everything above it to do?

The structure of our spine is no different. When the structure shifts in our spine, check yourself in the mirror and you may notice your head is tilted or rotated to a particular side.

Or one of your shoulder is higher than the other or rolled forward. Or your hip is higher than the other. Or you find it harder to rotate your body in one direction versus the other.

Structural abnormalities lead to several detrimental effects…

pre post gonstead xray

PRE                                     POST

Structural Degeneration

Now that we identified the structural abnormality, what happens to the structure?

When the vehicle has a misalignment in the suspension system, what do we expect the tire to do? The tire prematurely wears and tears.

The structure of our spine is no different. If the structure is not corrected, there’s premature wear and tear to the disc, vertebra, and spinal nerve where it begins to break down and degenerate. Hence the terms Degenerative Disc Disease (DJD), Osteophytes / Bone Spurs, Spinal Stenosis, Sclerosis of the Spine, to name a few.

One of the major functions of the vertebral bones is to act as an armor to protect the vital nerve system. However, continual breakdown of the structure from a structural shift also causes detrimental break down of your nerves resulting in Nerve Obstruction.

normal disc, normal nerve
abnormal disc, abnormal spinal stenosis, abnormal spinal nerves

Nerve Obstruction

When the structure shifts and there’s increasing pressure on the nerve, it causes nerve obstruction. Nerve obstruction is no different to traffic jams. What happens when there’s traffic? Tempers flare, traffic is sluggish, etc. How long would your commute would be if there’s no traffic?

Just like traffic jams, the brain is less efficient to communicate properly to the tissues, muscles, and organs therefore you’re not at your optimal best.

Nerve obstruction results in numerous SECONDARY CONDITIONS such as neck pain, mid back pain, low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and reduced function to our organs which leads to asthma, high blood pressure, heartburn, GERD, IBS, constipation, bedwetting, frequent urination, UTI, infertility, sexual issues, so on and so forth.

city with nerve interference, traffic jam
city with no nerve interference, no traffic

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