Frequent Urination – Nocturia

In this case study, she originally came in for low back pain and neck pain. During consultation, it was revealed she experienced frequent urination (Nocturia), waking up 5-6 times during the night to urinate. The frequent interruptions to urinate during the night prevented her from getting a good solid sleep, affecting her quality of life, her energy and at work as well.

Two structural abnormalities were detected and corrected, the sacrum and 11th Dorsal vertebra that were causing her low back pain, neck pain, and frequent urination using specific Gonstead Chiropractic in NYC from Dr. Ryan Suh.

No structural abnormality detected in the neck, her neck pain was coming from the unleveled sacrum (foundation). Like Leaning Tower of Pisa, if foundation is not leveled, everything above will be unstable as well. No structural correction was done to the neck.

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